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Full-Service Leasing

Full-service leasing provides an umbrella of protection from the risks associated with operating a fleet, large or small. Alpine Leasing’s maintenance programs add even more benefits, with established maintenance and reporting procedures and predictable, pre-planned operating costs.

  • Custom Spec’d Vehicles
  • Preventative Maintenance & Repairs
  • Substitute Vehicles
  • Onboard Telematics
  • ELD Compliance
  • Automated Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Licensing & Driver Safety Programs
  • Custom Painting / Graphics
  • Vehicle Washing

Count on our Alpine full-service leasing programs to maximize your fleet’s potential without consuming valuable cash – or relying on traditional lines of credit – which can be devoted to other business needs.

We are more than prepared for Heavy Haul and Vocational customers who require WET LINE options, including hydraulic systems for dump trailers and walking floor systems.

Maintenance & Repair

Our Guaranteed Maintenance and PM Plus programs are designed to fit any vehicle or application with your budget and specific business needs in mind. We monitor and administer all routine and non-routine services to your vehicles. Our maintenance procedures will keep your vehicle out of the shop and on the road.

Alpine Full-Service Leasing, Maintenance & Repair Benefits:

  • We can cover up to all of your equipment costs, including preventive maintenance, repairs, permitting, licensing, substitute vehicles and more
  • We have access to an extensive parts inventory directly from Volvo
  • One-stop service, warranty repairs and maintenance provides faster results, reduced downtime and improved efficiency
  • Improved visibility of performance costs
  • Maximized vehicle life cycle through tracking and assessing maintenance
  • Increased vehicle uptime for improved on-time deliveries
  • Emergency roadside service


Sometimes you just need a truck for a day. Or a week. Or a few months. Our entire line of Class 8 trucks is available on a rental basis, and can be bundled with the same services and advantages as our leased trucks. This program is just what you need for seasonal business, fluctuations, unexpected breakdowns and overall business growth. Whether it’s for one day or one year, Alpine Leasing has exactly the right vehicle to keep your wheels turning.

We are more than prepared for Heavy Haul and Vocational customers who require WET LINE options, including hydraulic systems for dump trailers and walking floor systems.


We take pride in the way we keep our rentals maintained. That is why every 3 to 5 years we replace our daily rentals and short term lease units, we sell them at competitive pricing with low mileage. When you purchase a previous rental or lease truck from Alpine leasing you are not only getting a great truck, but a reliable, well maintained and proven top quality unit that will last you for many years to come.

Please check back periodically to see when our units become available.

Financing & Insurance

You’ve found your new ride…now what?

Alpine Leasing Limited works to find the right financing to bring this truck into your yard and keep your business rolling. Terms, rates, advances and lending partners all come together to create the right structure for your business. Full maintenance leasing, short term and long term lease-to-own are just a couple of options. We work to source the best rate, the best structure and the right partner to ensure success.

We nurture relationships across multiple lending platforms to be able to do this. Over the years we’ve learned there are subtleties that surface with financing large assets and we’re keen to present the best options for your success.

It’s not just the money. There’s a process to orchestrate; people to communicate with, insurance, documentation, licensing and banking all come together to finalize an agreement.

We’re here to lead the way and get you on the road

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