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At Alpine leasing we believe in being very upfront in terms of what your paying for. We don’t want renters to be surprised at the costs associated with a rental. The three main areas a renter is paying for are:
• The truck itself either day, weekly, monthly
• The usage of the rental unit. This is calculated by how much the truck is driven. A kilometer fee is used.
• The Licensing Fee, This is calculated daily to cover the cost of the license plates that are provided on the truck at the time of pick up. (For long term rentals, the renter can purchase their own plates to cover their needs and no license fee is charged)
No problem Alpine can deliver the unit where it is needed for the renter. The distance of the delivery will be calculated and added to the next invoice for the rental.
In nearly all rentals the truck is handed over to the renter with a full tank of fuel and a full tank of DEF fluid. The most cost effective way to bring back the rental is with those same levels. If this is not possible for the renter Alpine can refill the unit back up to the full levels but the costs of the refill are charged back to the renter.
We plate our rental units for Ontario only, at present we do not have units with PRP plates on them ready to go for renters. If a renter would like to put their own PRP plates on a rental unit we can accommodate that for renters.
For most rental handoffs it is a quick process of roughly 10 minutes, a few forms do need to be signed by the renter at the time of pick up and a circle check around the unit is done to check for anything that is already on the unit. The starting fuel, DEF levels and current odometer reading are all written down and then you’re ready to roll.
Please contact Ron Oneson at 226-236-8846 or email at ron@alpineleasing.ca for a customized quote that will fit your rental needs.
We mostly carry Class 8, Volvo Trucks, For our day cabs we do have general freight spec and heavy spec units available. We carry Heavy Spec units with Wetline hydraulic systems on them as well as 26ft single axle cube vans with hydraulic brakes, equipped with walk up ramps and power tailgates.
Yes, we have a variety of cube vans and moving trucks with loading ramps and power tailgates available.
We have pricing for daily, weekly and monthly rentals. We also have full service leasing options for companies who want unit(s) for several years at a time.
Alpine is the leasing arm of Gerry’s Truck Centre, which is the Volvo trucks dealership in Southwestern Ontario. Rental trucks can be picked up from either location of Gerry’s (London, 4049 Eastgate Crescent, London, ON N6L 1B7) (Woodstock, 1349 Parkinson Rd, Woodstock, ON N4S 7W3)
Trucks can be picked up or dropped off 7AM-1AM Monday-Friday at both locations of Gerry’s. Trucks can be picked up or dropped off Saturdays in London by appointment only. 8AM-12PM. Trucks can not be dropped off or picked up on Sundays or on holidays at either location.
Their are two ways a rental truck from Alpine can be insured. The first way is the renter can use their insurance provider to cover the rental. The form we typically need to get in place is the OPCF-27 form for short term renting. If the renter can not provide coverage for the rental Alpine has a second option, which is extending our own policy out at a daily cost to the renter.

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